What is Microneedling with Exosomes?

Microneedling with Exosomes for Hair Restoration is an innovative treatment method aimed at stimulating hair growth and improving the overall health of the scalp. Exosomes are small vesicles secreted by various cells, including stem cells, and they contain growth factors, cytokines, and other signaling molecules that can influence cellular behavior and promote tissue regeneration.

How does Microneedling with Exosomes work?

Microneedling with Exosomes for Hair Restoration works by harnessing the regenerative properties of exosomes to stimulate hair follicle growth and improve scalp health. During the procedure, a specialized microneedling device is used to create micro-channels in the scalp, which allows for better absorption of exosomes. The exosomes are then applied topically or injected into the scalp, where they exert their effects on the hair follicles. Exosomes contain many growth factors, which promote angiogenesis, increase blood flow, and stimulate stem cells in the hair follicles. This process rejuvenates dormant hair follicles, prolongs the hair growth cycle, and promotes thicker, healthier hair growth over time. Microneedling with exosomes is a safe and effective hair restoration option with minimal downtime and natural-looking results.

How long is the treatment?

The duration of Microneedling with Exosomes for Hair Restoration treatment can vary depending on individual factors such as the extent of hair loss, the condition of the scalp, and the desired outcome. Typically, a single session of microneedling with exosomes may take approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete. While may experience noticeable results after a few sessions and maintain improvements for several months, others may require ongoing treatments to sustain hair growth. Consistency and follow-up sessions may enhance long-term outcomes.

Before Microneedling with Exosomes treatment, anticipate a thorough consultation discussing medical history and treatment objectives. Discontinue certain medications and supplements if advised. Ensure the skin is clean and free of makeup or lotions. Your provider may recommend numbing cream application prior to the procedure. Address any concerns or questions during the consultation.

During microneedling with exosomes treatment, the skin is cleansed, and numbing cream may be applied for comfort. A microneedling device is then used to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin. Exosomes, derived from stem cells, are applied topically to enhance skin rejuvenation, promoting collagen production and improving skin texture.

After microneedling with exosomes treatment, expect some redness, mild swelling, and sensitivity in the treated area for a few days. Follow post-treatment instructions provided by your provider, which may include avoiding sun exposure and certain skincare products. Results typically become noticeable within a few weeks, with continued improvement over time.